Why Henry Repeating Arms are Awesome Rifles

Henry Repeating Arms have had a dip in popularity and sales from 2014 to 2016. But since last January (2017) the sales and popularity is up at plus or minus 100%. (source: Google Trends)
One big popular rifle among cowboys and hunters is the Henry Repeating in 44 magnum. So why is it that its such an awesome rifle?
Here’s some reason why:

  • Its Accurate

    Straight out of the box with 44 mag loads you can zero in at 100 yards with 3-inch groups, if you’re a decent shot on a stable platform.
  • Slick Operation
    In other words the rifle is quick and slick, everything on it when working the lever is just smooth. Quick when working the lever for the next round.
  • Low Recoil

    To reduce the recoil on the 44 magnum Henry Repeating Arms incorporates the heavy octagon barrel, weighted forward balance and wide buttplate mitigates the recoil.
  • Simple Safety
    Henry rifles do not feature a manual or half cock safety.
    Their safety features or mechanisms is not needed on a lever action rifle if handled carefully.
    Henry does have a trigger tab safety which requires the lever action to be fully closed in order the trigger to be fired.
    Henry has a firing pin block safety that prevents the hammer from hitting the firing pin unless the trigger is fully depressed.
    Very straightforward in its simplistic operation and common sense approach.
  • Versatile and Durability

    Henry Repeating Arms offers a variety of rifles and calibers. The accuracy, reliability and durability of the rifles make them suitable for any gun enthusiasts.
    Whether your’e into plinking, target shooting, hunting, defending your homestead or just shooting it to get your John Wayne persona out, Henry has a rifle for you.
    The versatility is that you can accessorize with scope mounts, sights, large loop levers, sling swivels and gun cases.

There you have it, I’m sure there are other things that you like about the Henry and we didn’t mention here.
By the way from a customer viewpoint, their customer service is totally outstanding. If you have any problems they can take care of you.
Let us know below in the comment section of what you think of the Henry Repeating Arms rifle.



Sources: Photos by Joe Riekers, Henry Repeating Arms