WATCH: .22 Gatling Gun Made From Scratch

[su_heading size=”27″ margin=”0″].22 Gatling Gun Made From Scratch [/su_heading]

What do you get when you add a little bit of ingenuity to a Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic rifle and some spare parts?

Well, one answer is YouTube user Alex Smyth’s Steampunk-inspired creation. Alex designed and built a very impressive little gun and shows it off in the video below.


Projects like this should never be attempted without the proper knowledge and ability, but Alex makes sure to explain the steps taken to keep his gun completely legal and safe to fire and use.

Ammo in any .22 rifle doesn’t usually last very long and that holds even truer with the rotary firing mechanism on the gun in this video. It sure does look like a blast to shoot!

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