UPS Driver Suggestion for Shipping Firearms Part 2


In an earlier article on suggestions on UPS driver’s suggestion for shipping firearms. Here we have some other suggestions that came up from law enforcements experts. In this particular case, we find that the UPS driver had delivered to a different house, but claims to have delivered to the correct house, and possibly be in on the hook.

What to Do

If you have experienced this, you know how frustrating this can get. So here are some suggestions if you’re in this predicament.

Call UPS 800 number and request a phone call from the “Regional Security Office“. Once contacted you can ask the UPS security of the GPS coordinates of the drivers clipboard when they marked it delivered. So if it was several blocks away at the wrong house, they can tell.

Not sure how long the response will take, but you will need to be on the phone everyday and make this call until you receive a call back. Yes, you gotta pester the heck out of them.

Once you’ve made contact with the UPS security, tell them of the situation and make it a point about leaving a package without a signature or if there was a signature. Ask UPS to investigate the driver and ascertain the description of the person that signed for the package.

Let them know that you would like to have that driver come to your residence to verify that nobody matches the description of the person. Plus you can get sworn statements from people who can attest to such. Be sure to have the statements notarized and ready to get the police involved.

Bottom line is we’re trying to deductively get to the conclusion.

  • Did the label have the wrong house?
  • Did the UPS driver mis-delivered?, or is he lying he saw somebody and forged a signature?
  • Or, someone stole it right after the delivery?


When making this claim, do not speak to regular UPS people or local management, it must be the Security Manager for the region. Please share this for others that can benefit from this information.


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