Types of Folding Knives


There are many different types of folding knives and each has its own usage. Rather than making you search for separate and specific infographics one at a time, we’re putting them all in the same place for your convenience. There’s a lot to consider when you’re buying a new blade, and we hope this information expands your knowledge and helps you discover the blades that fit your needs best. This infographic includes the anatomy of all the different knife types along with their pros and cons:

auto_knifeAutomatic knives are designed primarily for Military, Police and EMT duty, these knives are simple to open in an emergency. This is done by pushing a firing button or pulling a lever. Check the laws in your area before purchasing an automatic knife, as they are restricted in many areas.




Manual knives are legal in most areas, which means they are extremely common. Often, this type of knife is also recognized as a “pocket knife.” Spring assisted knives are roughly the same as manual knives, but they have a spring inside the handle that helps deploy the blade much faster. Spring assisted knives typically have a thumb stud and/or flipper.

front_knifeOut The Front knives are similar to automatic knives in many ways; they are opened by pushing a thumb slide or pulling a lever, but with an OTF knife the blade always deploys out the front of the handle—not the side, like automatic knives. OTF knives are restricted in many areas so be certain to consult your local laws before purchasing these items.


butterly_knifeButterfly Knife
Some people spend years trying to master the skill of flipping butterfly knives, A.K.A. balisong knives. It’s debatable whether it’s more fun to flip a butterfly knife or to watch someone flip— it looks really cool, and it’s practically mesmerizing.


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