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February 29th, 2016 by AmSJ Staff

Story by James England

[su_dropcap style=”flat” size=”5″]C[/su_dropcap]oncealed carriers in Virginia and around the country collectively let out a sigh of relief when Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe agreed to a Republican-backed measure to ensure concealed carry reciprocity with the majority of other states.  There was a serious scare a little while back when the Attorney General decided to take drastic measures to reduce reciprocity with neighboring states like Tennessee.  This resulted in a huge débâcle for cities like Bristol, which lie on the border.  For concealed carriers driving through Virginia, it was also an incredible burden.

Thankfully, it looks like this political quagmire is over.  As the Washington Post reports, the governor and legislators all seem peachy-keen on the new deal set to take effect on July 1st.

via Washington Post

“This is a bipartisan deal that will make Virginians safer,” McAuliffe spokesman Brian Coy said. “It also demonstrates that Democrats and Republicans can work together on key issues like keeping guns out of dangerous hands.”

Read the entire story at here.

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April 20th, 2015 by AmSJ Staff

Bravo Ohio!!!

It turns out that Ohio is not only pro the 2nd amendment, they back it up with laws we could only hope would be followed by all other states.

Female concealed CarryIn short, the law states that anyone who possesses a concealed-carry permit, from any other state is welcome to visit Ohio and carry concealed.

The Ohio General Assembly Archives the official law states:

“Provides that if a person who is not an Ohio resident and has a valid concealed handgun license from another state, regardless of whether the other state has entered into a reciprocity agreement with the Attorney General, and the person is temporarily in Ohio, that out-of-state license will be recognized in Ohio during the time that the person is temporarily in Ohio (R.C. 109.69(B)(3)).”

Bravo Ohio! ASJ



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