All Concealed Carry Licenses Welcome in OHIO

Bravo Ohio!!!

It turns out that Ohio is not only pro the 2nd amendment, they back it up with laws we could only hope would be followed by all other states.

Female concealed CarryIn short, the law states that anyone who possesses a concealed-carry permit, from any other state is welcome to visit Ohio and carry concealed.

The Ohio General Assembly Archives the official law states:

“Provides that if a person who is not an Ohio resident and has a valid concealed handgun license from another state, regardless of whether the other state has entered into a reciprocity agreement with the Attorney General, and the person is temporarily in Ohio, that out-of-state license will be recognized in Ohio during the time that the person is temporarily in Ohio (R.C. 109.69(B)(3)).”

Bravo Ohio! ASJ



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