Super Gun Accurate Out to 3,100 Yards


TrackingPoint Technology, creator of Xact precision-guided firearm technology, wants to push the limit of long-range shooting. The company announce recently works on a “super gun” that can accurately engage targets at 3,100 yards, stated Jason Shauble TrackingPoint CEO.

TrackingPoint engineers will scale up its patent Xact PGF Technology with beefed up processing power, laser range finder, ammunition, and a more powerful firing platform to make this work. The reason why this project was created was to see if shooting this far can be achieved by an average shooter, plus it adds to the challenge to the engineering team.

The current PGF system sells for over $20,000 and Shauble expects to sell the “Super Gun” around $50,000.

After its induction TrackingPoint received negative comments for taking the sport out of shooting by developing a gun that is technology driven guaranteeing to hit its target.

Shauble disagrees and states, “there are many people who want to enjoy the sport of long-range shooting but don’t have years to develop their skills. His technology allows shooters to continue into old age as their skills may begin to diminish.”

Supporter of second amendment Shauble says, that responsible firearms owners have every right to the best technology available.

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