Steel toe does not make it Bullet Proof

Steel toe vs .45 results in a painful experience.
Originally this story was talked about in a gun forum.
Here’s the excerpt from the thread:
“This guy and his co workers were discussing whether a steel toe boot would withstand a round from a .45, so what do do you think would be the best way to test this theory? YUP, you guessed it.”

You’d think this person would try this out without having to wear the boot.

It doesn’t take a smart person to guess it would be a bad idea to shoot your steel-toed boot, hoping it’ll stop a .45 caliber bullet.

We can thank this guy, with a grimace for teaching everyone how bad of an idea this was.

Based on the placement of the shot, it almost appears the shooter missed the steel toe insert in his boot. This might be a blessing in disguise, preventing metal shrapnel from spreading throughout the foot.

Let this be a reminder to remember your gun safety, its paramount for everyone gun owner.

Sources: Northwest Firearms Forum, Jake Hofer
Photos from Northwest Firearms Forum

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