Spray Paint Cans vs Shotgun

Have you ever wondered how many cans of spray paint will a shotgun shoot through?
If you’re a plinker I guess you would be curious of this question.
So thank goodness for Youtuber Gould Brothers they have the answer as they have have tried out this experiment.
They shot it against 10 cans with a standard shotgun slug nothing fancy.
The results are amazing.

If you were betting on six cans of spray paint for the slug to go through, then you win the jackpot!
We see a lot of unique shooting experiment videos out in the wild internet.
Some of them answers some real good practical questions and others are just off-the-wall but clearly most are just for the fun of it. The joy of plinking at something and seeing what happens.

That being said, and the possible risks of this experiment aside, this was one of the coolest-looking and colorful shooting tests that we’ve come across.