So it Begins: Sig Sauer P320 Voluntary Upgrade Program

Yes, Sig Sauer will replace every P320 trigger, sear, and striker assembly in the wild. In addition, every slide and frame in every caliber must be machined to fit the new parts.

This will be a huge task and nightmare, considering SIG states there are over 500,000 P320s shipped, with an unknown number of caliber exchange kits and spare grip modules out there.
SIG outlines a three-step process for the upgrade.

  1. Go to SIG’s Voluntary Upgrade page and enter your P320 pistol serial number.
  2. Register your upgrade request with SIG.
  3. Wait for SIG to get back to you.

According to SIG, there are two timelines to be aware of. First, it’s going to take a few weeks for SIG to get back to you as the company sets up the program. Second, once the company sends you a box or label and gets your pistol in-house, expect another 4-6 week turnaround.

When asked (RecoilWeb) last week how SIG would prioritize pistols in the upgrade queue, Tom Taylor, SIG’s Vice President of sales and marketing, said customer’s pistols would take priority over products in the retail and distribution pipeline. Though, he said, pistols from distributors coming back to the factory by the palette-load would have a head start.

According to SIG’s upgrade program FAQ, they only want slides, frames and grips with factory parts returned. Keep your mags, lights and aftermarket internals. The company doesn’t explicitly address aftermarket sights, and we asked SIG’s marketing team about this issue and got nothing.

Based on SIG’s disclosure that the company’s shipped 500,000 P320’s, our back-of-the-envelope estimate says the program could cost SIG as much as $30m if we assume the cost of parts, labor, and postage for each pistol is around $65. Add to that the cost of administering the voluntary upgrade program.

Sources: Sig Sauer, Rob Curtis
For your info – This story is straight up from Recoil with minor revisions.

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