Shooting Airplane Windows

How well do airplane windows stand up to bullets? Not a normal thought, but when you’re into shooting at objects, why not?
Airplane windows are made of plastic and pretty thick (12mm – 22mm).
Normally, when guns are involved in a hijacking situation most operators will use Glaser rounds so it doesn’t penetrate the windows.
Here’s Matt from Demolition Ranch shooting it up to see which caliber does the most velocity damage to multiple airplane window panes.

Here’s his array of firearms to showcase:

  • 22 Walter pistol – goes thru the first window
  • Silencerco 9mm Maxim – goes thru 4 windows
  • .45 ACP Guard – goes thru 4 windows
  • FN57 Pistol – goes thru 2 windows but lodged in the 3rd window
  • Desert Eagle 50AE Pistol – goes thru 7 windows
  • 500 Magnum Revolver – scary gun to shoot – goes thru 8 windows
  • AR-15 Rifle shoots 7.62 – goes thru 8 windows lodged into the 9th window pane
  • Barrett Rifle w Incendiary – goes thru all 9 windows

Remember folks this isn’t a scientific test, just pure observation and fun!
Let us know what you think below.

Sources: Demolition Ranch Youtube, Wikipedia