See this AK-47 in Action

Watching the AK-47 in Action is a beauty

This video highlights Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical firing hundreds of round with an AK-47 and see the internal dynamics of this famous gun in slow motion.

The AK-47 family is a very reliable combat weapon. Massed produced out of stamped metals using a fairly simple gas piston cycling action the stories of the robustness of these rifles are renowned. The weapon was designed to be used in all types of environment.

Anyone who has fired one is always surprised by how easy it is to operate and accurate to shoot with and last the recoil is highly manageable. Maybe this is why the AK-47 is still the most preferred weapon of insurgents, terrorists and military around the world.

Source: Andy van Loan, Bravo Company USA, Vickers Tactical Youtube, Larry Vickers, Wikipedia

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