Ever thought what a 90mm cannon would do to a 5k iMac?

Computer slowness getting you down? or, maybe you’re just getting tired of Macs. FullMag fired a T8 anti-tank gun at it and see what the destruction looks like. Hearing about it is one thing, but seeing it in slow motion is taking it to another level of curiosity, enjoy!

Video transcript:
So let’s see how the 5k iMac holds up to a 90mm cannon.

[intense music]


[Destruction repeats]

“Man down. Man down on that one. Alright let’s go check this dude out. [laugh] So, we’ve got a little bit of this dude right here. and uh, if you’re curious about the inside of an iMac. I can hook you up.

[intense music]

“Yeah I know a lot of you right now are probably ‘Uugh why’d you do that uuugh’ Well, if you haven’t- if you haven’t seen the Mac Pro video, it was a lot more expensive than an iMac. I packed that dude full of C4 and Det Cord, so, you wanna check that out. That there’s always a thing. So uh. I’m gonna load this up, and I’ll see y’all next time.

Source: FullMag Youtube

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