Sarcastic Rant Video on Guns

[su_heading size=”30″]BUT MOST DIDN’T CATCH THE DRIFT[/su_heading]

Matt Walsh’s sarcastic video rant about his shopping experience and the toy gun he saw generated a lot of social media attention. Apparently, most people didn’t catch the sarcasm.
Guns, guns, and more guns. Seems to be a big topic of conversation these days. With two sides of the parties that see stuff very differently, debates get heated. Social media feeds the monster, and people join the controversial conversation and often say whatever they feel when hiding behind a keyboard.

Walsh takes a ridiculously sarcastic approach with a video that is quite humorous. But at points, he is so sarcastic it is almost hard to tell where he is going with it.

Or maybe it isn’t sarcasm at all? Watch this video and tell us what you think.

Here’s what they’re all saying.

Source: Matt Walsh Facebook, Colton Bailey

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