Rufus is D One – Bean Shooter

Rufus Hessey is D Man with the sling shot back in the day. He’s also known as the “D One – Bean Shooter“, which translates to modern day “bad ass” with a sling shot.
Watch what he can do with a sling shot. Accuracy is a big thing with sling shots, be amaze of where he can pinpoint better than most with a .22 rifle.
It’s a fact that he’s been a bean shooter since the age of 10 years old. What funny is that he was the youngest from a poor family of 13, his oldest brother was allowed to use the shotgun. Being the youngest meant you couldn’t have the shotgun, so he got real good with the sling shot.
He states, “it was survival” putting food on the table for himself and siblings.
What’s his secret to great accuracy? Rufus saids he doesn’t aim, he just looks at the target and points the hand holding the slingshot at the target and lets go with the other hand.

Rufus may be one of the last Bean Shot slinger of modern day.

Sources: Modern Man FB, Rufus Hussey

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