Parisian Needle-fire Knife Pistol Combination

If you’re a historian buff, enjoy old gadgets and firearms of the past, then check out the Parisian Needlefire Knife-Pistol Combination it is an interesting little piece of concealed carry.
Combination knife/gun weapons have been popular gadgets for literally hundreds of years, and this is one of the nicest examples to be seen.

This genuine piece originating from the 1860s-70s, considered a sweet little collector’s item.
In this video segment Ian McCallum of Forgotten Weapons breaks down different features of this unique firearm and gives you thorough run down of what all it entails.

A really cool thing about the pistol is that it is fired by a needle that breaks the casing rather than a firing pin hitting a primer cap.
Because its a French thing the trigger is a corkscrew.
This gadget would be grand to have as a collector, but not for practical use. Yes, we get the idea of the MacGyver knife concept, but being pragmatic rules here.