Femme Fatale Holsters
Booth #3607
Welcome to the world of Femme Fatale Holsters. New for 2018, FFH presents the xXxtreme Corset Holster. As with FFH’s original corset holster, luxurious lace and corset elastic combine for a comfortable, discreet, and distinctively feminine daily carry solution. In addition to the standard gun pocket, the xXxtreme Corset features two smaller waterproof-lined pockets, perfect for extra magazines, ID, or licenses. Secured by a three-row lingerie hook-and-eye closure system, the xXxtreme Corset is available in a full range of sizes.


FrogLube • Booth #10737
Advanced lubrication technology might be the best and most accurate way to define FrogLube Extreme, a new concept in firearm lubrication. FrogLube Extreme is the first all-weather 100 percent bio-based nonpetroleum firearm lubricating system to hit the market. No petroleum means no sticky mess, and no freezing or gumming in subzero conditions. In fact, FrogLube Extreme has been tested to below minus 40 Fahrenheit with no problems nor decrease in performance. FrogLube Extreme is made using only food-grade ingredients that will not burn or fail, even under sustained fire situations. Throw a bottle in your range bag today.


CYA Concealment
CYA packs feature the highest quality materials in an easy-to-carry and quick-to-deploy design. Their combination of form and function is unmatched in the concealment arena. Designed with the end user in mind and with unlimited configurations, CYA packs are the last pack you’ll ever need. Featuring three armor pockets and able to accommodate up to 12-by-14-inch plates, depending on the model, CYA packs are your back-up plan. Pack, vest, ballistic shield, and weapons carrier. CYA packs are tough as nails. They’ll stake their reputations – and lives – on it.


Ram Holster
The Universal Tourniquet Holster from Ram Holster is a must-have item for all law enforcement officers and tactical duty personnel. If you’re carrying a weapon, you should be carrying a tourniquet. It’s as simple as that, and thanks to this cutting-edge Ram product, your tourniquet is never out of arm’s reach. Made from the industry-standard .080 Kydex, the Universal Holster accepts all GEN CAT and SOFT T tourniquets. Each holster is custom made, one at a time, and includes multiple attachment points, belt clip, TekLok, MOLLE straps, and Malice clips. Bulk law enforcement department purchases welcome.


GunFun Shooting Targets
GunFun Targets is much more than just a catchy, easy-to-remember name. They’re the leading provider of targets for indoor shooting ranges across the country. GunFun serves over 400 ranges coast to coast, and maintains more than 4 million targets in their wide and varied inventory. With some 200 different styles and patterns, GunFun targets are designed, printed, stored and shipped directly from their facility in Huntsville, Alabama. GunFun Targets. The best – East to West.


The Professionals Choice
For the past decade, The Professionals Choice has made its presence known in the shooting industry by being the largest and most comprehensive patch manufacturer in the U.S. In 2015, The Professionals Choice was proud to introduce a complete line of cleaning supplies. Now in 2018, their full-service line of firearms cleaning accessories has been expanded to include a pistol and rifle cleaning mat, a silicone wiping cloth, and an extreme weapons grease. Constructed of 100-percent recycled fibers, the cleaning mat absorbs oils and liquids efficiently, making it perfect for either indoor or outdoor use.


Liberty Safe • Booth #7952
In the spirit of tradition and security, Liberty Safe’s 1776 Series offers UL-listed features and a boost in fire protection. This attractive gun safe comes with a one-hour fire rating, and includes Liberty’s tough 4-inch locking bars, thicker 11-gauge steel body, and an accessory door panel for expanded storage capacity. Two height models – 64 and 72 inches tall – are available, and both come in a durable gray marble powder-coat finish and Liberty’s 3-in-1 Flex Interior, capable of holding up to 64 long guns. One million different combinations; that’s what you’ll have with the new quick-access SecuRam TopLit electronic lock. Protect your valuables in style with the Liberty 1776 Series.


Custom Metal Products • Booth #4408
Steel target shooters want strength and simplicity, and the X-Ring Plate Rack from Custom Metal Products offers plenty of both. The X-Ring features six 8-inch-diameter AR500 steel targets, each of which is 3/8 inch thick. Inside each of the 8-inch targets is a 4-inch hole, with a second target. Shoot the center, score an X! The X-Ring includes a fully automatic pneumatic reset with a competition-style controller. Easily programmable, the controller sets the timing for the match. Buzzer start, buzzer stop – all you do is shoot. The X-Ring was featured at the 2017 and 2018 Bianchi Cup, and is used by competitors worldwide.


SnagMag LLC • Booth #3606
The SnagMag Concealed Magazine Holster doubles your ammo supply, yet doesn’t attract attention to the fact you’re carrying plenty of ammunition for the task at hand. Concealed in plain sight and designed to offer a lightning-fast reload, the SnagMag appears to be a pocketknife. But oh, what a knife! Over 80 pistol models are available for either right- or left-handed shooters. And custom fitting can be ordered at no extra charge. Trusted and used by law enforcement, firearms instructors, and CCW owners everywhere, SnagMag guarantees you won’t be left empty-handed.


Tannerite Sports
Tannerite bricks are some of the most sought-after reactive targets ever to hit the market. Available in ¼-, ½- and 1-pound sizes, these exciting, easy-to-see and -hear targets have revolutionized the recreational shooting industry. Tannerite brand targets confirm you’ve hit your target with a cloud of water vapor and a thunderous boom! No more walking downrange to see if you’ve hit your mark. Tannerite currently offers several different target kits, one of the most popular includes four targets (specified size), mixing container, premeasured catalyst packets, and earplugs. Have more fun when you shoot. Shoot Tannerite!


Alford Designs Limited • Booth #4116
Handcrafted in Lynchburg, Virginia, this beautiful collection of fashionable Paula Alford leather bags, purses, wristlets, and now, men’s leather satchels, is sure to strike the fancy of all those with a passion for good-looking and functional concealed carry. Available in a variety of textures, colors, sizes, and styles, Alford’s holsters are easily detached from the inside of the purse, bag, wristlet or satchel. And each can be custom-ordered for left- or right-hand-draw preference.


Wright Leather Works
The Cruiser from Wright Leather Works in Fremont, Ohio, is a quick and easy-to-use IWB clip-style holster that makes for the perfect grab-n-go rig, whenever you’re in a hurry. Built with strong steel hardware and crafted using only the finest leather, the Cruiser can accommodate belts up to 1¾ inches wide. Or simply remove the clip, and the Cruiser transforms into a small, lightweight tuckable rig. Five color options including black, mahogany, coffee, walnut, and saddle tan are available. The Cruiser. It’s not a passing fancy. It may be the last holster you buy. Ever.


Firearm maintenance a chore? Doesn’t need to be; not with the CLP Plus Kit from SEAL 1. Tested and recommended by members of the National Tactical Officers Association, the CLP (Clean, Lube, Protect) Plus Kit covers all rifle and pistol calibers from .22 to .45, as well as .410- and 28-gauge shotguns, and includes presaturated cleaning patches, 100-percent cotton double-napped cleaning patches, CLP Plus Paste, CLP Plus liquid, presaturated gun wipes, microfiber cloth, nylon tactical brush, and 6-inch wood cotton swabs. This is the newest advancement in gun-care technology.


Pocket Ox
Build it once. Build it right. Build it here. That’s the mantra at Pocket Ox, and describes to the proverbial “T” their amazing Bull Mini Hoist. Over eight years of field trial and product development went into designing this revolutionary concept in outdoor convenience. The largest production model offered by Pocket Ox, the Bull uses 16 pulleys – that’s right, 16! – to create a lift system rated at 2,000 pounds. A full ton! The nice thing is the Bull only weighs 24 ounces, and can fit easily into most daypacks. It’s ideal for ATV or snowmobile recovery, technical rescue, or hanging big game animals.


Bobbie Weiner’s Camo Face Paint
Bobbie Weiner’s Camo Face Paint has been the number one choice of the U.S. Military for over 21 years now. In fact, Weiner Enterprises serves all branches of the U.S Armed Forces for their camouflage face paint needs. Odorless, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and proudly made in the USA, these run-resistant yet washable (soap/water) paints come in a wide variety of colors and kit pattern compacts, including Desert, Multicam, Scorpion, ACU, Jungle, 5-Color, and, for the hunting community, the traditional Woodland pattern.


Techna Clip
Techna Clip recognizes the fact that many traditional full-round holsters can be a hassle. They’re bulky. Uncomfortable. And certainly not concealed. That’s why they came up with the Techna Clip, a minimalist solution for those who carry concealed. Techna Clip easily attaches to your firearm, with no modification necessary, to deliver a secure, lightweight and discreet carry option. Whether in your pocket, waistband, or small of your back, Techna Clip replaces inconvenience with versatility and comfort. Maybe that’s why more than 200,000 Techna Clips are in service today. Now available for the Sig P320.


Precision Holsters
The Ultra Carry from Precision Holsters presents a patented firearm containment system designed to provide you with a higher level of comfort and confidence. Premium leather backing, a technologically engineered shell, and adjustable belt clips are just some of the features found on the Ultra Carry. The height and cant of the holster are fully adjustable, while the overall functionality allows for a consistent grip and quicker draw. When you want the best, choose Precision Holsters.


Barrel Buddy
No one likes a dirty barrel, and the only thing worse than a filthy barrel is all the muck and grunge that comes with cleaning it. Well, kiss those gun-cleaning woes goodbye, thanks to Barrel Buddy. Barrel Buddy scrubs, collects particulates, absorbs residue, and buffs your barrel spotlessly clean in one easy-to-accomplish step. True 360-degree compression translates into full-metal contact with the bore, effectively cleaning rifling like never before. Affordable, portable, and durable, Barrel Buddy distributes solvents and oils evenly after cleaning. It’s available in seven sizes to fit barrels from .22 caliber to 10-gauge.


Man Gear Alaska
Man Gear Alaska is a small family-owned and -operated business that still believes it’s possible to provide customers a quality, made in the USA product, while maintaining that one-on-one business relationship with the individual. Holsters are Man Gear Alaska’s forte. Their holsters have been an Alaska standard for over 17 years now. With more than 32 models to choose from, each designed to fit a particular firearm, carry requirements, and lifestyle, Man Gear Alaska holsters embody the company’s mantra of comfort, convenience, and confidence. Man Gear – made in Alaska by Alaskans.


XSteel Targets
The Texas Star from XSteel Targets may just be the most entertaining target ever designed. Built for heavy every-day use, this competition-grade reactive target can withstand thousands of hits, due in large part to the combination of sturdy construction and CNC laser-cut AR500 steel. The Texas Star stretches 21 inches wide at the arms, with 8-inch-wide paddles. It sits stationary until the first hit – and then you better be on your toes because the more it spins, the more challenging the target becomes! Tested under the most extreme conditions, all XSteel targets are built to last a lifetime.


Clipdraw – Skyline Toolworks • Booth #2609
Skyline Toolworks, makers of the original Clipdraw, introduces the latest member of the family – the Clipdraw gun belt clip and trigger sheath bundle for Glocks. Clipdraw features do-it-yourself installation with no modifications to the firearm necessary. Everything you’ll need is included in the package. Slim and secure, the Clipdraw system eliminates the bulk and print profile of traditional holsters. Enjoy easy-to-access inside the waistband concealed carry, without the telltale “show.” Accompanying trigger sheath ensures complete protection from accidental discharge while the firearm is being worn. Go concealed. Go Clipdraw.


Stoner Holsters
Headquartered in Middletown, Ohio, in the heart of the Midwest, Stoner Holsters is your complete one-stop shopping experience for everthing holster. Your EDC fitted with a laser? No worries; Stoner makes a holster for that. Just joined a regional cowboy action shooting league, and need an authentic western-style rig for those weekend fun shoots? Stoner makes a beautiful and functional western belt/holster combo that’s sure to please. If it’s an OWB leather-lined holster you seek, it’s hard to go wrong with their Professional Speed Scabbard (PSS). See Stoner for all your holster and CCW needs.


Atlas Target Works
The term “one of a kind” gets thrown around far too often these days; however, and due in large part to the huge amount of detail put into Atlas Target Works’ line of ultrarealistic animal targets, these steel critters certainly do stand apart from the rest of the pack. Featuring laser-cut AR500 steel construction, “hearts” that flip up when hit, and water jet engraved vitals and internals that won’t wear off, these are literally works of art – that you can shoot! Deer, feral hogs, prairie dogs, coyotes, and squirrels are available, along with a long list of steel plates and accessories.


Gearcraft Holsters
Designed for the appendix-style carry, the Gearcraft IWB Plus from Gearcraft Holsters incorporates the standard IWB configuration, but adds a magazine carrier to the side. Many of the features that CCW enthusiasts have come to expect in a quality holster, such as adjustable gun/magazine retention, are there, as well as unique options like double J-hooks or single belt clips for smaller-frame firearms. Raised sights, optics, or lasers? Gearcraft has something to fit hundreds of popular handgun makes, models, and sighting systems. Always be prepared. Always go with Gearcraft.


American Mountain Supply • Booth #2623
Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Longmont, Colorado, American Mountain Supply has been providing quality craftsmanship and leatherwork for holsters, gun cases, and shooting accessories since 1980. Today, they’re introducing an exciting new purse with a concealed carry pocket. Available in six fashionable patterns, three tapestry patterns, as well as Muddy Girl, Realtree, and Multicam camouflage, this over-the-shoulder-style bag features two slash zipper entries to the concealed carry pocket, along with interior pockets for quick and easy organization. The ambidextrous holster is easily adjustable and removable. And this, like all American Mountain Products, is made in the USA.


IOSSO Products
Never go back to smelly, messy solvents again! The Iosso Bore Cleaning System consists of a revolutionary bio-based solvent, premium bore brush, and a triple action oil, which, when used together, will help get your weapon clean and keep it clean, no matter how many rounds go downrange. Perfect for shooters or hunters with allergies or sensitivities to harsh chemicals, the Iosso Bore Cleaning System completely removes carbon, lead, copper, plastic, and other types of fouling quickly and efficiently. And why the blue bore brush? To say it’s made in America!


Werkz LLC
Having trouble finding a great carry or range holster for your pistol or pistol/accessories combination? The Origin Holster from Werkz is your go-to gear. Whether you’re looking for an IWB holster for your EDC, or an OWB holster for those sunny range days, the Origin is, without question, the very best option. The Origin Series holsters all share the same fine characteristics – wrap-around design; slim profile; passive retention system; modular accessorizing platform; and a lifetime warranty. With 210 different pistol options, 70 lights/lasers, and 30 colors of Kydex to choose from, the good people at Werkz can build what you’re looking for. Exactly.


Tap Rack Holsters
You want functional adjustability? Then look no further than Tap Rack Holsters’ OWB series. These incredibly rugged holsters are made of .080 Kydex, making them ultraresistant to cracking and warping. Strong? Absolutely, but it’s Tap Rack’s features you’re going to love. A feed ramp to facilitate reholstering; adjustable draw tension; belt loops that can be inverted to attain a cant ranging from zero to 10 degrees; ride height changes; colors; imprinting; and a durable cordura fabric laminated onto the Kydex, making for a quieter holster without the shine or glare of most high impact plastics. Get exactly what you want with Tap Rack. has an ever-expanding line of products for the shooting enthusiast, including Steel Target Paint. Formulated specifically for, as the name implies, steel targets, RangeStore’s Steel Target Paint covers quickly, dries fast, protects valuable targets from corrosion, and is environmentally compliant. Each 16-ounce aerosol can comes with over a pound of paint. Range officers can use the variety of hues to color-code plates or gongs for competition. also carries a complete line of hearing protection, compensators, eyewear, and cleaners/lubricants.


Covert Carrier
The Covert Carrier is a unique concealment device that allows users to carry their small-frame semiautomatic pistol inside the waistband (IWB) below the beltline, without a traditional holster, case, or pouch. The perfect accompaniment to any attire, Covert Carrier slips onto the firearm in seconds with no modification in the “Universal Sleeve” format, or with easy-to-do installation instructions in the case of the metal fastener. In use, the firearm becomes virtually invisible. Worn by CCW practitioners nationwide, the Covert Carrier is the gold standard for total handgun concealment.


Ulticlip • Booth #10460
The Ulticlip XL is the world’s first multi-tool holster clip and locking steel belt loop. No longer are you forced to choose between a holster clip or a belt loop. With the Ulticlip XL, you can have both. The XL’s locking belt loop allows the user to carry a holster, sheath, or accessory IWB/OWB. Featuring wrench sizes that include ¼, 5/16, and 3/8 inch on one end and a flat-blade screwdriver on the other, Ulticlip XL has multiple attachment points allowing it to be used on a wide variety of products. Made of strong 1075/1050 spring steel, the Ulticlip XL can accommodate belts up to 1½ inches wide and 3/8 inch thick.


Present Arms
Not everyone enjoys the chores associated with gun cleaning. And let’s face it, some firearms are simply more cumbersome than others. With some, you need that third hand in order to make the job easier. Well, that third hand is available now, thanks to the ARHook from Present Arms. Secure the hook using the takedown pin, and now the upper and lower receiver are a single yet disassembled unit. Combine the ARHook with Present Arms’ patented Sentinel Plate and AR magazine post to create the perfect user-friendly cleaning station.


Fury Carry Solutions
The Concealment Series is Fury Carry Solutions’ most popular holster, and for good reason. The series features a full sweat guard that keeps the firearm off the skin, and aids in protecting the piece from corrosion. The series’ unique rivet pattern makes the ride height of the holster fully adjustable, while a 20-degree forward cant increases concealability. All Concealment Series holsters ship with Fury’s standard nylon polymer OWB loops, but each can be easily converted to IWB. The series is available in both standard and light-bearing configurations, and includes a limited lifetime warranty.


Multi Holsters LLC
In the market for a holster? Let the folks at Multi Holsters show you what you’ve been missing all these years. Need a holster for that special custom carry? Again, the folks at Multi Holsters will get you what you need. Each holster is hand-crafted to the individual firearm. No more “making this fit” or “making that fit.” These folks take every detail into consideration – belt size, cant, rail, attachments, mounting position, accessories, and more. The end result is a perfect match between you, your body, your carry preference, and your firearm of choice.


Triple K • Booth #3712
Triple K brings innovation to the scoped handgun holster market with the introduction of their new Big Thunder. The Big Thunder is the first production holster to fully distribute the weight of a large-framed handgun evenly across both shoulders and the torso. As versatile as it is comfortable, Big Thunder can accommodate scoped or unscoped handguns, while keeping the piece in the front ready position. Perfect for those who ride horseback or ATVs, the Big Thunder is also ideal for those who hunt from treestands or fans of spot-and-stalk-style hunting. The Big Thunder is now available for the Ruger Blackhawk Hunter, Bisley Hunter, Ruger Mark I through IV with 6.8-inch barrels, and the Freedom Arms Model 83 with 7.5-inch barrel.


The recognized leader in LED technology, Portland-based Coast introduces their front-loading FL85 headlamp, their most powerful headlamp to date. Weighing only 4.5 ounces, the FL85 is powered by three AAA batteries; however, don’t let the AAA size fool you into thinking this thing can’t light up the world! With over two hours of run-time at 615 Lumens (high setting), the FL85 provides plenty of illumination, no matter the lighting situation. Fitted with a fully adjustable reflective safety strap and built with an IPX4 waterproof rating, the FL85 is ready for any environment and any emergency.


AEM Precision
Designed by a Montana gunsmith, AEM Precision Ammo Pouches safely and securely hold 10, 20 or 40 short-action, short-action ultra-mag, long-action magnum, or Winchester short magnum cartridges. Custom sizing is available. Made of 1000D-backed cordura and locked by a simple push-button toggle closure, these durable ammo pouches come in a variety of colors, making differentiating between ammo types and calibers a quick and easy visual. Don’t rattle around in the field. Get a set of AEM Precision ammo pouches today.


Rick Young Outdoors • Booth #3813
Binocular harnesses are a fantastic idea; that is, until you find your optics down around your beltline and totally inaccessible. Or worse, constantly in the way. Unlike these old school harnesses, the Ultra-Light Bino harness from Rick Young Outdoors features a patented single-point adjustment and sturdy shock cord that won’t stretch or sag. The cord hugs your body, transferring the weight of the glasses equally around your shoulders and chest. No more sag. No more inconvenience. Compact, lightweight, strong, and fully adjustable, this is the last binocular harness you’ll ever have to purchase.


Garrett Industries
Built to very precise specifications at their shop in Texas, the good people at Garrett Industries create some of the finest holsters available today. The Silent Thunder GT is fast becoming one of the company’s best sellers, and for good reason. Thin, comfortable, concealable, and durable, the ST GT offers draw retention and ride height adjustment. Each ST GT is made of rugged .060 Kydex, creating a thinner, lower-profile holster that follows exactly Garrett Industries’ simple formula – the smaller the package, the more comfortable the ride. All of Garrett’s IWB designs follow this rule, making for maximum comfort, flawless one-handed reholstering, concealability, and stability.


Clinger Holsters
The Comfort Cling from Clinger Holsters is the easiest-to-use, most comfortable holster you’ll ever own. Simply slide it into your waistband and tighten your belt for all-day, all-situation security. The Comfort Cling uses friction rather than bulky metal clips to secure your firearm. Rugged and extremely durable, the Comfort Cling features a unique gel cushioning system designed to be just what the name implies – comfortable. And if you’re thinking a higher price for all this comfort and convenience, think again. At just $19.99, the Comfort Cling is the most affordable clipless holster available.


International Handgun Leather
It’s a timeless classic, and wildly popular, too. International Handgun Leather’s traditional OWB holster, the Combat Classic, has been tending to the containment needs of concealed carry individuals for years, and it continues to get better. The Combat Classic is a full-length pancake style holster, with an open bottom and a muzzle rearward cant. A full length of configurations and options are available, including color, slot size, right- or lefthand, and thumb break. Each Combat Classic comes precurved, and each is made in America with leather tanned right here at home.


Lansky Sharpeners • Booth #8742
Lansky Sharpeners, a world leader in innovative sharpening technology, introduces their newest addition, the Roadie 8-in-1 Keychain Sharpener. The Roadie contains more useful features per square inch than any other sharpener. Just clip the carabiner on your pack, and you’re ready to hit the road. The Roadie includes a carbide sharpener, two screwdrivers, variable hex wrench, bottle opener, box cutter, pry tool, and a line cutter. Stay ready. Stay sharp with the Roadie 8-in-1 sharpener.


For consistent controlled cooking, the Sammic SVP-100 Clip-On immersion circulator allows chefs and shade-tree gourmets alike to cook with precise temperatures for a controlled environment that results in perfectly prepared meats, fish, vegetables, and desserts. This small, space-saving unit is ideal for the mobile chef, or for culinary artists who travel and prepare in a concession-style format. Precise temperature accuracy is guaranteed, with both audio and visual notification session-end settings. True to Sammic quality, the sous-vide meals produced by the SVP-100 will not disappoint.


Trusted by millions in automobile engines, fuel systems, and transmissions since 1937, zMax brings to the firearms market two new products – Boltlube, and Bore Cleaner and Conditioner. zMax works by soaking into metal to disperse carbon deposits; deposits that cause premature wear and an overall decline in performance. Boltlube provides ideal lubrication, suspends gas residue, reduces friction, and provides easy clean-up. Bore Cleaner/Conditioner works on all contact surfaces, reducing the build-up of combustion particles and preventing bore fouling.


AXIL- Sportear • Booth #7510
The problem with hearing protection is it’s often incredibly bulky and uncomfortable. Well, the folks at AXIL have taken care of that problem, along with a lengthy list of other issues, with their revolutionary Ghost Stryke Essential hearing protection and enhancement earphones. No more bulky muff-style hearing protection, thanks to Ghost Stryke’s slim profile and innovative Autoblocker technology that automatically shuts out sounds at 85 decibels and higher. A rechargeable lithium battery offers 12 full hours of protection and hearing enhancement, while the patented in-ear design provides all-day wearable comfort.


MTR Custom Leather • Booth #10939, 6007
The A-2 Dual Purpose Holster from MTR Custom Leather offers the best of both worlds. Wear it IWB one day, and the A-2 easily converts to OWB carry simply by removing the powder-coated holster clips. Once removed, the A-2 becomes a traditional slotted pancake-style holster. The spotlight shines on function and design with the A-2. A reinforced mouth prevents collapse when used IWB, and to ensure easy one-handed reholstering. Quality bull hide and hardware make the A-2 as rugged as they come, and its design makes it one of the most versatile.


Celtic Holsters • Booth #3205
Don’t let the name fool you! This holster is anything but tiny when it comes to providing full-service satisfaction. The Wee Celtic Deluxe Holster from Celtic Holsters offers wearers the ability to adjust the cant of the firearm while it’s being worn. And different position options means more comfort. Simply twist the screw to change the draw retention; it’s just that easy. No need to sacrifice concealment, comfort, flexibility, or proper draw style. Not with the Wee Celtic Deluxe.


D.M. Bullard Leather Mfg LLC
Texas’s finest gun leather is made by DM Bullard Leather in Azle. Whether you are looking for that new leather holster, belt or rifle sling, or cowboy rigs, cartridge belts, wallets or knife sheaths, they’re handmade from beautiful 100-percent Hermann Oak Leather in their shop. Choose from a variety of exotic skins, bull hides and custom hand-tooling in a multiple choice of colors. Visit the website and online store to see all of the different custom-designed leather holsters and belts.


Buffalo Arms Company
The Buffalo Arms Company is your source for old, obsolete and hard-to-find ammo and shooting supplies. Outfitters to the Old West – and people who like to visit there.


Musk Ox Producers Co-operative – Qiviut handknits
The Smokering, or Nachaq, is designed to be worn either up like a hood, or around the neck as a cowl or accent scarf. Nelson Island, from which the Qiviut Nelson Island Pattern Smokering takes its name, is located approximately 500 miles west of Anchorage on the coast of Alaska. The unique pattern comes from the diamond-shaped trim on the edge of their fur parkas, which represents the sea ice forming around in the island in winter, and breaking up into drifts in spring. The Musk Ox Producers Co-op employs the most active knitters in the region, and their skill shows with every stitch.


Can Can Concealment
The Hip Hugger Classic Holster is the most versatile option in the Can Can Collection. Holding up to four firearms and three holsters, the Hip Hugger incorporates all of the features found in every Can Can Holster, including holstering tabs, weapon-retention magnets, and nonslip silicone construction. Designed for either right- or left-hand draw from both front and back holster, the undeniably feminine Hip Hugger is available in a size for every woman and every style of handgun. Sophisticated, timeless, and in a class of their own, the company’s holsters are the choice for concealed carry women everywhere.


Oregon Pack Works
Based in Bend, Oregon Pack Works began aggressively testing their innovative outdoor products in 2009, and formally launched the company the following year. The company’s signature pack suspension system – the One is All – is the foundation of their line; the perfect system for hunters, search and rescue personnel, or for military and tactical operations. With the One is All Suspension System, users can create different pack types on the spot. Oregon Pack Works’ proprietary fabric is waterproof, burr-resistant, soft, shear, quiet, and puncture-resistant. From Lumbar pack to the Expedition, this system does it all.


Booth #10054
Countless shooters have learned over the years that for about $10, they can save themselves from the arduous task of reloading pistol magazines, thanks to the Super Thumb Tools from ADCO. In just four easy steps, magazines go from dead to full, saving time and trouble – not to mention plenty of thumbnails. Now, ADCO has available the Super Thumb Complete Set (STCS). The set includes six individual units, plus two Super Thumb Juniors, and covers a wide range of center fire and target pistol calibers. Get the Super Thumb! Your opposable digit will thank you.


Holster Partners
The Body Shield is a revolutionary new product that solves the potential problem of being poked and pinched when carrying concealed inside the waistband. Comfort has long been an issue with IWB; well, not anymore, thanks to Holster Partners’ Body Shield. This thin flexible shield provides a comfortable barrier of protection between you and your firearm. Simply attach the Body Shield to your existing holster with the hook-and-loop material (included), and voilà – no more irritating pokes and prods. There’s no reason carrying concealed shouldn’t be comfortable. And it can be, thanks to the Body Shield.


Kramer Handgun Leather
Kramer Handgun Leather’s IWB #2 defines what an IWB holster should be. Constructed of premium horsehide and molded to your specific firearm, the IWB #2 will not collapse when the gun is drawn, facilitating easy one-handed reholstering. Screws – not snaps – secure the belt loops, allowing a full range of adjustments to accommodate a variety of belt widths. The IWB #2 positions the firearm in an FBI forward tilt; ample space permits a full firing grip without shifting finger position. It’s available in black, mahogany, or tan for most semiautomatics and revolvers.


Shooting Chrony, Inc.
Made of 20-gauge steel but weighing less than 2½ pounds, the Shooting Chrony is powered by a single 9-volt alkaline battery (not included) and features a large LCD-readout. When folded, the unit measures a mere 7½ inches long, 4½ inches wide and 2¾ inches high. Every Shooting Chrony comes with a triangular shooting area, adjustable from 8 inches by 8 inches to 14½ inches by 14½ inches, depending on the shooter’s needs and situation. The ultimate in portable ballistic data interpretation, the Shooting Chrony is a must-have for every range bag.


HatPoint Target LLC • Booth #12059
Lightweight, extremely portable, easy-to-use, and stackable, the polymer target stand from HatPoint Target is one tough customer. Stable under a wide variety of temperature conditions, HatPoint’s polymer target stand uses common 1-by-2-inch fir strips (not included) as vertical supports for any number of different target shapes and designs. Available in a variety of widths ranging from 6 to 24 inches, the stands can be staked solidly, and can withstand multiple impacts. When necessary, the vertical fir supports can be changed quickly, and the target’s back in service.