Mosin-Nagant Rifle

This view is more than meets the Eye for Long Range Shooting – this old war Horse of Russia

Anyone that is into long range shooting should have heard of the Mosin-Nagant rifle. The M91/30 Mosin-Nagant with 7N1 ammo is a formidable long range rifle system. Don’t judge the cover by the looks. This rifle played a major role in history for the Russians and other countries. Not surprisingly, this weapon system was also modified for sniping during the past wars.
The video below from Youtuber TibosaurusRex demonstrates just how effective an unmodified military rifle can be in experienced shooter. This rifle is in 100% original military configuration and had NOT been equipped with any optical sights, yet it slams steel at 944 yards as easy as anything else on the shelf.

Many assume these rifle like this (purchased for under $100) must need modification to shoot well… but what many fail to realize is that these rifles were not designed by sporting companies for recreational activities, they were designed by teams of engineers with massive government resources for life-and-death purposes.

These rifles were designed to be harmonically balanced and were inspected to meet serious military manufacturing and design specifications. The Mosin Nagant rifle has served the Russian military and many other countries for over a century now. The surplus rifle market here in the United States has been flooded with these rifles, most being sold at incredibly low prices.

Covered in grease and boxed in wooden crates at gun shows and gun shops, these old rifles look less than impressive. When fed quality ammunition such as the 7.62x54r model 7N1 military sniper cartridge, it’s more than capable. The shooter in this video hit a target 944 yards away, with supplied iron sights, and that’s enough evidence to prove its worth! If you like plinking at long distances and strap for cash, then the Mosin-Nagant rifle is a winner in cost and accuracy.

Sources: TiborasaurusRex Youtube

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