Man Shoots himself in the Groin

And faces Criminal Charges
Here’s a story for the “that’s gotta hurt” or “Jackass of the Month” file…
A Florida man found out the hard way that sitting on a loaded gun comes with consequences after a firearm discharged from the driver’s seat of his car during the early morning hours of June 30, leaving a wound in his groin.

Cedrick Jelks, 38, had parked outside his girlfriend’s house when the accident occurred. According to reports, Jelks subsequently rushed into her home and straight to the bathroom. After seeing the wound herself, Jelk’s girlfriend drove him to a local hospital, where he underwent surgery.

Police arrived at the hospital at approximately 3:oo a.m. to investigate, at which point they determined the victim had a previous conviction for cocaine possession, which makes it illegal for him to own a gun. He now may face criminal charges for possession of a firearm.

A double whammy!

Sources: Fox News, Justin Hoffman

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