Pistol Shooting Tips: Mad Half Minute Drill

This handgun shooting drill was created by Special Forces veteran Mike Pannone of CTT Solutions. This drill is designed to test and enhance your shooting accuracy while on the move.

Here’s the Drill
The target is placed 10 yards away from the shooter. There are three shooting points. The first one is directly in front of the target. The second and third points are at five yards away from the center at opposite ends. At the signal, the shooter has 30 seconds to fire the first round from the holster, quickly move to one of the outside positions, come to a stop and fire a round. The shooter then moves back to the center, stops and fires one round before moving to the other outside position. The drill ends when the shooter hears the signal to stop after 30 seconds has expired.

Safety Note While on the move, the gun is to be pointed downrange at all times until holstered.

If you’re into scoring, a nine-ring hit is a minus one point, an eight-ring is minus two and so on. Perfect hits are 11 in the black.

This is another drill that can greatly enhance your skill level via improved sight acquisition and trigger control.

Other thoughts
Notice we didn’t explain the footwork. The drill is design to let you do it yourself and you will discover getting planted firmly will allow you to fire an accurate shot is the best way. Footwork, is all about getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible by moving with urgency.

Photo by Handgunsmag.com
Source: Mike Pannone of CTT Solutions

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