Live Fire Gun Training or Just Lack of Gun Safety?

What are these guys doing on the firing range? Why are these guys strolling on an active rifle range as if they’re bullet proof? Its obvious this is not gun safety at its finest.

Watching the gun violation in this video is totally against what we’ve all been taught about gun safety. So for the sake of this article, I will take their side in defense. They are training to know when to shoot and not to shoot. They are building up their confidence level. (Instructors and shooters)

As I said, I’m not for this but in my time rubbing elbows with various elite foreign military. From my observation they view things a little different when it comes to gun safety and gun confidence.

Gun safety meant to them don’t get shot, don’t be in front of the barrel line of sight.
Gun confidence meant knowing when to shoot and accurately no matter what the surrounding is.
What if this video was highlighting our “Blue Light” tactical team predecessor of the secretive “Delta Force”. Blue Light was not officially on the books in its beginnings. They had to jump through bureaucratic hoops to prove their capabilities.
Overcoming live fire hostage rescue scenarios with a real person next to it was the norm. If you were watching the video, would you still think that this was the most absurd thing to watch in the name of safety?

Here’s a video of the Russian SF going through their CQB confidence drill which Larry Vicker of Vickers Tactical had a chance to witness.

Yes, watching these videos without knowing the background looks crazy from the average shooters perspective. And, its a good thing that we don’t allow this at any certified training facility and/or local gun range.

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