Is Titanium Bulletproof?

Titanium is strong and light, but is it bulletproof?

That’s exactly what the folks at Demolition Ranch decided to find out when they received a 1 1/4 inch chunk of this lightweight, high-strength metal.

They put it through some serious paces starting with a .22 long rifle and ending with a .50 BMG. Watch the video to see if this super metal is was able to take the punishment.

So in review, titanium is light, but it will not float on water. It will withstand nearly any hunting or self-defense type round indefinitely, but given enough rounds with a super high-power weapon loaded with armor piercing ammunition, it can be penetrated.

So stop worrying. It sounds like your titanium jumpsuit should keep you safe unless you are facing some extreme resistance.

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Source: Demolition Ranch, Youtube

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