Is the ATM Machine Bulletproof?

Ever wonder if the ATM machines are bulletproof? Maybe they are as you can see most ATM don’t have bullets holes in it. Youtuber Edwin Sarkissian gets a hold of a surplus one and does some testing to see what happens if you shoot at it with different calibers.

-9mm, 116 grain – one round out of three didn’t penetrate, no exit on the other side.
-44 Magnum Desert Eagle, hollow points – same results as 9mm.
-AK 7.62×9 – only one round went through the whole ATM machine.
-.50 Cal – All rounds went through the ATM
These basic ATM machines have reinforced interior around the cash machine portion to help deter Joe Crook from the cold hard cash. Wasn’t design to withstand bullets of any kind.
In this test most rounds (except for the .50) didn’t go through the ATM. You obviously can use the ATM machine as cover for personal defense.

Sources: Edwin Sarkissian Youtube, Chris Eger