Homemade Cannon

The Joy of Boom!
These crazy guys built a homemade cannon using some weird scraps. Such as a frame of a Ford Model T and the suspension of a John Deere 7700, Scott Welker of Leg Arms made this real functional cannon.
The video, posted on Welker Farms Inc Youtube, shows these folks shooting at a number of different targets, including the side of a building, an old sedan, a preowned Ford Escape and some random junk.
They mix up the projectiles, too, as they start with a whole size turkey before moving on to an actual cannonball.

Anything that goes boom against cars and buildings is always fun to watch.
Watching the turkey against the building is not a huge boom just the turkey getting obliterated. But, I doubt anyone expected it to do a whole lot to the building.
The cannonball was certainly impressive, firing straight through the vehicle a number of times and almost through the side of that building. Imagine how much energy is required to force any projectile through a wall of cinder blocks, and consider how close this one was to making it through.
The Welker Farms Youtube channel focuses mostly on farming, so this had to be a stress reliever and a ton of fun to film.