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Home Burglaries – Characteristics of a Burglar

daytime burglar

This piece of infographic was created by HomeSecurityStore on “Characteristics of a Burglar”. Unique findings about this piece is that most burglaries are committed by people that live nearby within a 2 mile radius. These offenders have a criminal background in drug sales, robbery and assault. Most of the burglaries takes place are non-violent and occur during the hours of daylight, usually during warm weather.




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  • there is a high percentage that the victim may know the burglar. So it’s important to be conscious of who you let into your home, or even people that stroll along the sidewalk.
  • Homes in the south are more likely to occur or during the warm seasons for the northern states.
  • Single family homes more likely to be burglarized
  • Houses w/out an Alarm system is 3 times likely to be burglarized than a monitored home.
  • Average burglaries takes 12 minutes to complete.

Most burglaries are non violent in nature, but fear and secondary traumatic stress level often is for homeowner who were not present during the crime. For homeowners who were present may experience higher level of post traumatic stress.


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