Gun Fails: What not to do with Guns

Could it be that the more gun fails there are, the funnier they get?

The footage of gun fails never seems to stop popping up on the internet. Here’s six more minutes to add to the growing catalog of firearm mishaps and bloopers.
At about the 3:00 mark there was one of the most cringe-inducing gun fails ever filmed. Did you see how close that guy came to blasting his face off? That is a prime example of why you never look down the barrel of a loaded gun.

Most of these fails happened because people didn’t know how to properly hold the weapon to manage the recoil. They simply lost control of the gun once it fired. (because of fear)

Hopefully you learned something from watching this video about gun fails. They can happen to anyone, so be careful next time you’re out plinking away.

Sources: TubeRealTV, Johnny Certo

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