Glocks new G19X Crossover pistol

Glock introduces military inspired pistol that is a “do it all” handgun, the G19X blends a full-sized frame with a compact slide and inherits all of the Gen 5 features.
G19x & Gen3 comparison

This G19X incorporates a G19 slide with a modified Glock17 frame and utilizes a G19-length dust cover. Standard Gen 5 features are carried over which includes:

  • a grip devoid of finger grooves
  • ambi slide stops
  • a Glock Marksman Barrel with a new rifling and crown design
  • dehorned nose profile on the slide
  • flared mag well

“Developed for the military in mind this is a practical EDC pistol that you can rely on anytime and in any condition,” according to Glock vice president Josh Dorsey.
This G19X was put through a series of rigorous testing and performed well in harsh climates, it prevailed in accuracy and reliability. Overall the G19X is easy to maintain.
Notes on certain features
The Glock Marksman Barrel(GMB)

is billed as bringing enhanced accuracy to the Glock line through new rifling and crown designs, and initial testing with the G19X seems promising.

This bad boy comes with one flush-fit 17-round magazine, two 19-round extended magazines, four interchangeable grip panels, and a Coyote colored box.
G19X MSRP is $749 with Glock Night Sights installed and available on Jan. 22.


Sources: Glock