Glock $5 Plastic Sights

Should it matter?
There have been some discussions on the internet about Glock plastic sights as to whether its useful or not.

Yes, many will customize it with other aftermarket sights. But is there really something wrong with having plastic sights on the Glocks? Some are saying that it can be ripped off, what when you’re low crawling? Low light condition? There’s some points there, but don’t the sights still work?

Here’s some of that conversation on Reddit & Facebook:
It’s a matter of personal opinion, of course. I really dislike them. To me, there’s nothing about the dot and goal post design that feels intuitive.
They’re better than most shooters
The stock sights are plastic, use a weird goalpost pattern, and can’t be seen well in any low-light situation.
Edit: Their only redeeming quality is the fact that they come installed atop a Glock.
I like them. I upgraded to mepro night sights. I had to completely retrain acquiring the sight picture because the ball and bucket was so easy and the three dots so different.
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They just don’t stand up to abuse.
I shoot just fine with the stock Glock sights. The only time I really put night sights on Glocks are the ones that I plan on defending my home, wife and child with in the middle of the night. For me when I first wake up to see those glowing dots is just easier for my eyes to lock in on.
I’m going to get downvoted for this, but OEM plastic sights are garbage. If anything, they’re a placeholder for real sights. They’re fragile, will drift over and lose zero easily, and aren’t good for fast target acquisition no matter what light conditions you’re in. That last one’s my opinion though. Objectively speaking however, they are still fragile pieces of shit.
If you plan to use this gun for anything other than just taking it to the range on weekends and shooting beer cans, get some stronger sights. If you have a strong attachment to Glock style sights for whatever reason, at least upgrade and buy a set of metal ones. They aren’t that expensive, maybe 20-30 bucks.
Just got my Glock Night Sights from Smyrna and if you’re in the area they can get you the same sights as stock in metal for $20 and install them in less than 30 minutes quite a good deal too.
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That’s awesome. Knew you could get them cheap, but not that cheap. Gives even less of an excuse to people who insist on keeping their plastic sights because they’re “good enough” when you can pick these up for about the cost of a box of ammo.
They’re great imo now. But before I was one of those who lived stock. I’m excited to take them out this weekend for a trial run this weekend. Hopefully they’re fine out in the sun and good enough for GSSF matches.
[deleted]This is my biggest gripe. I feel like they are just going to get torn off
[deleted]You won’t get even see the sights in a situation where these skills are necessary.

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