Glass Shotgun Slugs are Devastating

YouTube channel TAOFLEDERMAUS encourages its viewers to send in handmade ammunition to practice shooting with.

In one of their videos, one viewer called Sam came up with the idea to create glass shotgun slugs and sent them in. Basically they wanted to see whether the glass slugs would survive the intense shock of being shot out of a gun and hit what they’re aiming at.

You might think that firing something made of glass wouldn’t work very well. The creator of these glass slugs did a great job and to add to its destructive capabilities, there’s a nail hidden inside it.

TAOFLEDERMAUS put these glass slugs through the ringer up against a block of clay and a Kevlar Level III vest. The slugs totally shattered the block of clay and the pulverized glass went through the vest.

As the video rightly says, these shotgun shells really are everyone’s worst nightmare.

Sources: Best Sources of Fun, TAOFLEDERMAUS Youtube

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