See What Happens When You Fire A Squib Load

A squib bullet in your barrel just might be bad news for you and the gun.

The guys from Demolition Ranch were out testing to see how bad a squib bullet can damage your pistol.

Watch this video and see a pistol fired with a squib bullet lodged in the barrel.

A squib bullet is a bullet that fails to leave your firearm’s barrel. This stuck bullet become a dangerous obstruction in your barrel. Firing a live cartridge into the back of a squib bullet spikes pressure, and may just kaboom your firearm.

This Glock pistol has a squib bullet stuck in the very end of the barrel. Demolition Ranch remotely fires this pistol with a squib. The Glock pistol does not explode, but jams into an inoperable mess.

When shooting firearms, always make sure that your projectile goes down range before you fire another round. Failure to do so can be catastrophic.

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Story by Eric Nestor

Source: Youtube, Demolition Ranch

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