Does your 12 Gauge Recoil Face look like this?

You’ve probably seen many people cringe when the shoot a 12 gauge, but sometimes you find a video you just have to share.
This young lady’s expression when shooting a 12 gauge shotgun is priceless.

When you shoot a 12 gauge shotgun, what’s your recoil face? Well, in this video shared on Facebook by Pop smoke, we see a young lady who is ready to take on a bullpup style 12 gauge shotgun. The slow motion footage of her expression during full recoil is absolutely priceless.

This shooter indeed is up to the task and is all smiles and laughter after the punishing shots. She certainly got the job done.

Well before we laugh too much, we must ask ourselves what would our recoil faces look like in slow motion?

Sources: Pop Smoke Facebook, Eric Nestor

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