Do you Carry a Folding Knife?

Most of us carry folding knives for every day carry (EDC), a question was asked. How good are they for defensive use?

Michael Janich of Martial Blade Concepts goes over the basics of personal defense with a blade. The idea is to give you an understanding of what a 3 inch blade capabilities. How deep will it cut or penetrate? Just viewing this objectively as a tool itself is an eye opener.

Pork Man
In order to visually understand the blade capability without having to cut your own training partner.
A piece of 5 pound pork tender loin is wrapped around a pvc pipe simulating the bone. Strings are twined around the meat to represent the connected tissues. Thirty layers of saran wrap surrounds the meat with a layer of a pair of pants to match real world application of clothing. This training device is called the “pork man“.

The “pork man” allows it to quantify how the blade cuts. This replicates a piece of an actual limb like the arm or leg.

With this in place Michael proceeds to administer a deep downward cut, nothing fancy. The result shows a deep cut to the pvc pipe (bone).

The ideal target would be the arm, if you can cut this then its harder for the assailant to attack you with a weapon, since you’re disabling their ability to hold onto an object.

Michael goes on to demonstrate the application and concepts from “pork man” to a training partner with actual defensive techniques with training blades. See the rest on video below.

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