Democrats Offer Gun Control Bill – Inspired by James Bond Movie “Skyfall”

A House Democrat inspired by the last James Bond movie has offered legislation to produce handguns with “personalization technology.”

The idea is to produce guns that can only be used by the gun’s owners. Rep. John Tierney (D-Mass.) cited the latest James Bond movie, “Skyfall,” as inspiration for the bill.


“In the most recent James Bond film, Bond escapes death when his handgun, which is equipped with technology that recognizes him as its owner, becomes inoperable when it gets into the wrong hands,” Tierney’s office said in a statement introducing the bill. “This technology, however, isn’t just for the movies — it’s a reality.”

Tierney said his Personalized Handgun Safety Act, H.R. 2005, would help prevent accidental deaths, like the case in New Jersey last month when a six-year old accidentally shot and killed a four-year-old child.

“Accidents like this are not as rare as we want to believe, and they are preventable. Whether a gun owner or not, a NRA member or not, we should be able to agree on gun safety measures that will make our families and communities safer. This technology needs to be put into action.”

Under his bill, guns made in the United States would have to be built with this technology two years after the bill becomes law. Older guns being sold by a business or individual would have to be retrofitted with this technology after three years.

The bill says the cost of retrofitting these older guns would be paid out of the Department of Justice’s Asset Forfeiture Fund, where confiscated assets from criminal investigations are placed.

Gunmakers who do not comply with these requirements could be held if they don’t meet the new federal standards, which would be developed by the Consumer Protect Safety Commission.

Tierney’s bill is supported by the Children’s Defense Fund Action Council, and is co-sponsored by 13 House Democrats, including five other Massachusetts Democrats.

In ‘Skyfall,’ a villain picks up Bond’s gun and tries to use it against him. It fails, however, and Bond then watches as the villain is eaten by a Komodo dragon. Bond then retrieves his gun.

Courtesy of The Hill

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