Sweet Custom AR10 Rifle Build

Theres probably lots of you gun hobbyist/hunters out there that have built your own AR’s.
Not all of us have done this.
Johnny Muller, of Kansas City, built an AR-10, by piecing together components and a little instruction from his military buddy.
To start, he got a builder kit from Aero Precision to use as a base and then pieced together his custom rifle using his favorite parts.
This included Magpul furniture, a Geissele trigger and a VG6 7.62 muzzle brake.
For optics, Muller chose the Nikon M-308 with BDA reticle and 20-MOA mount because he was impressed by how well the scope zooms and held it’s zero despite being bumped around.

Now that he’s got his first rifle build under his belt, he said he would encourage others to do the same.
There’s nothing better than shooting your own rifle that you built with your own hands. It’s really rewarding.

He’s happy of his rifle, on his first evening out hunting with it, he tagged two deer, both around 350 yards away.



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