Close Quarter Shooting

Rob Pincus and Andy Loeffler from Personal Defense Network demonstrate Handgun Drawing and How to Best Defend against a Close-Quarters threat

Rob does an excellent job of breaking down things that needs attention prior to actually going for your pistol. Though this demonstration does not go into the details of controlling the aggressor, this would take another article in itself to cover. Rob does advise this is an important phase that must be tackled at hand.

Once you have maintain some form of control on the aggressor you can go for your pistol. That particular space we’re referring to can be a foot to more depending on you and the aggressor size.

Once you’ve had a chance to practice this sort of drawing and shooting at close range. It’s time to take this to another level, now go don on your protective gear with simunitions pistols and play out the scenario and actually execute the technique in real live settings. You’ll find defending to get to your sidearm is intense. The position that you find yourself in will not be the same as when you’re out on the gun range.

Last we like to present another video from Don Gulla of WA Arrestling organization. Don’s a retired Sergeant with WA King Co. Sheriffs Dept/Special Operations Unit and has much experiences getting into the scuffle then having to draw his sidearm. Something that you will see is that no technique rules at controlling the aggressor, the concept is fighting for the control.

Basic Principles are:
-Your focus must first be on Controlling the Threat.
-After clearing the initial attack, access your firearm.

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