CAT M4 Tool

I know that we all love having fun shooting our AR’s but when its over, its time to get to the business of cleaning. Having a specific tool like the CAT M4 is an invaluable piece to have so you can get into the nooks and crannies of your bolt carrier group.

With this tool you can clean your firing pin and the chamber area where the firing pin sits. It can still be done without this tool, but with a CAT M4 handy it makes your life easier.

Video Transcription
Ok Youtube, I was watching Peter with the Army channel the other day, and he had a tool to help you clean the bolt of your AR-15, and it looked like a quality-made product, so I decided to pick one up, and there’s all their informaton right there on the card, just comes in a little ziplock bag, and then this cardboard. And then in the cardboard, is folded up, is the tool itself, and then instructions on how to use it. Very simple, all the steps you can use to clean it, and then just some literature on the back.

So, figured I’d give it a shot. I literally just got this in the mail, and I haven’t cleaned my bolt in a while. As you can see, it -if it’ll focus in on there- you can tell there’s quite a bit of carbon build-up, and it’s fairly dirty in there as well. Not that it’s going to show up too well. But I thought I’d give this thing a try, and just kinda going step-by-step on it.

The first part’s gonna be to clean the carbon off here. So as you can see, hopefully, this part is beveled and polished just to fit just the specifications of your bolt, so you just slide it in there, and then twist, is what they’re saying. Then off comes the dirt. And it seems to be working pretty good. I mean it’s– I guess this wasn’t quite as dirty as I thought it was. It’s not getting in there as tight. Actually, yeah, it smooths that right up. I mean there’s not a whole lot– you’re gonna see the dirt that’s on there. But it loosened up there.

Now I will say that this has been– the last time I cleaned this, I took a little pick and scraped that, because it had built up so bad. I’d never even paid attention to it, which is my fault for not cleaning it that well, but that tool does a pretty good job.

And now the flat part sticks in there, and you’re supposed to just kinda turn it a little bit, loosen up the dirt, and you can see– that’s gonna be a lot dirtier, because cleaning in there is something I’ve never done. You’re supposed to just clean in there a little bit, and then you can either– you’re supposed to thread this through (if I can do it) there we go, you thread that through and then fold it over to where it holds on, and then do it again. That fits in there snug. Wow. Can you tell there’s some dirt in there? Another option you can do is just fold it over the top and do the same thing. I guess the reason you don’t fold it over the top is so you don’t lose it once it’s in there. But yeah, definitely got some more work to do on cleaning that.

And the other piece is that little cross-shaped cutout. You just stick your firing pin there, as you can tell, it’s got some dirt on it. But it’s supposed to clean right around in here, so you just stick it through that hole, it kinda fits in that recess, and then you just turn it. And actually, it’s getting off quite a bit. Just pull down and spin is all I’m doing, and as you can see there’s quite a bit of junk on that– I don’t think it’s a blade, just that kinda sharp edge that gets right up against it there. Get a new square here… I know this isn’t the best review, but that’s probably the cleanest this thing’s been since I bought it. I mean I guess you could get a little pick and scrape in there, but without having a pick, that works pretty good. I’m pretty impressed at how that scrubs that metal, because it has the perfect tolerances, just to clean that metal just perfectly to where it won’t scrape the metal and remove any metal, but it cleans off all that carbon. So yeah I think it’s a pretty good little product.

And of course, also if you have any little screwdriver bits, it allows you to use that as a screwdriver bit right here. So. But yeah, it’s a CAT M4 cleaning tool. Made in the USA. Yeah, if you’re looking for someone to clean your AR bolt, they also make one for the 762 bolts. Anything that fits in a standard AR-15 bolt like a 6.8 SPC bolt will work in here too. If you need to go to the larger bolt carrier, like te AR-10 bolt carrier, they do have a tool for cleaning the larger AR-10 bolts as well. So just something to check out if you’re interested.

Alright, I’m gonna finish cleaning this and put it all back together.

Sources: The Peruano57 Youtube, Army Channel

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