Semi-auto Grenade Launcher, Explosions, and the Gunny

Sounds like a good recipe for Kirsten Joy’s latest video.
Grenade! Everybody loves grenades, things that goes kaboom including the Gunny. But there are usually two separate groups you can fall into when talking about these awesome balls of explosives.

One group is that: people whose only experience with grenades comes from video games like James Bond, Call of Duty, and Halo. Realistic, no, but enough to know they are super cool and effective. The other group, of course, consists of military servicemen and woman who have been specially trained and taught on all the actual ins and outs of grenades and anything that will launch them. (M-203)

Most people fall into one of those categories, and there will be some in between. No matter where you’re at, though, you’re guaranteed to enjoy this video.

Pro Shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss shoots grenades alongside R Lee Ermey “The Gunny” and gives us details about the M32A1 multi-shot grenade launcher – along with a huge explosion of course.

Semi-autos are fun enough in themselves, but when you start slinging grenades out of them it opens a whole other world of opportunities.

A really cool weapon with a lot of great features. Ambidextrous safety, adjustable north and south stock, and a semi-automatic mechanism makes this many branches of military’s weapon of choice.

Makes you want to head out and lob a grenade down range, or two, or three or however many times you can pull the trigger.

Video Transcription
[Kirsten] What’s better than shooting a multi-shot grenade launcher? Shooting it with the Gunny of course.

[Gunny] That was a great job, wasn’t it??

[Kirsten] Nice job!

This is Kirsten Joy Weiss, and on today’s episode, you’ll see the M32 A-1 multi-shot grenade launcher, huge explosions, and maybe even learn a thing or two.

Now for a little behind the scenes: Yes I was a guest star on the show, but a few of the crewmembers of Gunnytime requested that I aim high for the first few shots, because Gunny had a surprise for me that would be totally ruined if I made the shot the first few attempts.

Miss the target. This is the equivalent to asking a boxer to take a few hits in the ring, it’s gonna be painful. But sometimes, it’s about the journey, and creating an enjoyable experience for all involved, not just yourself. So I decided to be a good sport and say ‘yes’. And besides, I was really curious what the Gunny’s surprise was. And I wanted the chance to make him smile.

Now before all you shooters like me start freaking out, if I missed the miss, I would ruin the production. So the pressure was still on. Let’s have some fun with the M32 A-1 multi-shot grenade launcher.

[Gunny] Well Hello there! You know I had a hunch that you guys would be droppin’ by, because it’s about that time, isn’t it? Yep, sure is. Which means it’s time to show off some of the coolest things that go BANG. And it means that I get to shoot ’em! Not a bad gig, huh? Today we’re gonna talk about the M32 A1 Multi-shot grenade launcher from Milkore USA.

Good thing I’m always dressed for work, and always ready for action! Oh yes, Oo-rah!


Gunny: Here we are back again, and as promised, here this animal is! We get some of the most unusual weapons on this show, we have to go to the end of the earth to find some of these weapons, no question about it. Hi Kirsten, how ‘you doin’?

Kirsten: Hey! It’s good to be here, Gunny!

Gunny: Now I wanna know one thing about you.

Kirsten: What’s that?

Gunny: What is a cute little girl like you doin’ hanging around with an awesome weapon like this?

Kirsten: I like big guns, what can I say?

Gunny: Big guns, bigger the better, I’ve heard that! But tell me about this thing, what is it?

Kirsten: This is an M32 A1 grenade launcher! It shoots 40mm grenades-

Gunny: 40mm grenades, and it’s a six-shooter, isn’t it?

Kirsten: It is! Essentially it’s just a big revolver! It’s even double-action!

Gunny: The beautiful thing is, you put it in your shoulder and you watch that grenade go out there and explode, then you make a little adjustment and do it again!

Kirsten: Mmhm.

Gunny: And if you’re a little bit low, you put a little elevation on it and squeeze another one off, right?

Kirsten: Yeah that’s a huge advantage to this system.

Gunny: Looks like everything is adjustable on this thing.

Kirsten: So if you pull this D-ring back like this, this adjusts as well, so it helps you lob those rounds in a little more comfortably.

Gunny: Yeah, ok.

Kirsten: And then this also adjusts.

Gunny: Ok, Four-hundred meters.

Kirsten: The marks on here that say LV, so that’s 400 meters low-velocity, and then the medium-velocity is actually good to 800 for this side.

Gunny: Double! It doubles it up, huh?

Kirsten: Yeah, it’s a big difference. This is one of the only grenade launchers that’s able to shoot medium-velocity grenades, so the military’s really looking and considering adding the medium-velocity round to the arsenal.

Gunny: Ok. How close does this grenade have to land for it to do the damage it needs to do?

Kirsten: On low-velocity it’s a five-meter radius

Gunny: Ok.

Kirsten: And then on medium velocity, it’s about a ten-meter radius.

Gunny: Ok, that’s pretty nice. So, any recoil to it to speak of?

Kirsten: Yep. We’re gonna be shooting medium-velocity rounds because we’re cool like that, and it actually is gonna feel like a shotgun.

Gunny: Ok, like, about a twelve-gauge shotgun.

Kirsten: Yeah.

Gunny: Nothin’ that’s gonna upset anybody.

Kirsten: Exactly.

Gunny: Ok. This is a very effective weapon, there’s no question about it. How fast can you shoot it?

Kirsten: You can dump this in about three seconds if you’re good at it.

Gunny: Just as fast as you can pull the trigger! Boom boom boom b- it’s semi-automatic, right?

Kirsten: Exactly! Yeah, uh-huh.

Gunny: Yeah, so there you go.

Kirsten: Yeah.


Gunny: I see we’ve got rails on here, too.

Kirsten: Yep, picatinny rails, you can attach laser designators, laser range finders, and even lights in certain scenarios.

Gunny: Ok. Now, I want you to slowly open it up, and show the camera how this thing works.

Kirsten: We push forward on this little lever here, and then rotate the back. There we are!

Gunny: Ok, so, the first thing you wanna do is pop it up-

Kirsten: Yep, and then press down.

Gunny: And that ejects the shells.

Kirsten: Yeah.

Gunny: Right there, this little baby right here-

Kirsten: Absolutely.

Gunny: -Ejects everything. Now we have to wind it up before you put the grenades in it.

Kirsten: Yes, absolutely, and it’s counter-clockwise.

Gunny: And we got the spring maxed out.

Kirsten: Yep.

Gunny: Now we want to load the grenades in, okay-

Kirsten: And then we switch back.

Gunny: Pull it back… and we’re ready to go, huh?

Kirsten: Good to go. Ambidextrous safety, so you just switch it to fire.

Gunny: That’s pretty simple!

Kirsten: Yeah, there’s a reason militaries all over the world use it.

Gunny: And all of our allies have these, now, too.

Kirsten: Mm-hm. Whaddiya say?

Gunny: I think that I would like to do is go shoot it, because I have not shot this particular gun.

Kirsten: I think that’s a great idea, and there’s actually two versions of this. The M-32 is used by the Marines, and the AV140 is used by international armies. There’s not a big difference except for weight and sights, but how ’bout I shoot the AV140, and you shoot the Marine version?

Gunny: Sounds good to me!

Kirsten: It’s gonna be a good time.

Gunny: Ok, let’s go shoot it, come on!

Kirsten: Alright! Let’s go!

Gunny: You know it’s not often that I get to shoot something that I have never shot before! You think I’m fired up? You bet your sweet bippy I am! Things are about to get pretty damn loud out here! Better go grab your earplugs, Gladys!

Ok Folks, now of course, these are practice grenades, but what I haven’t told Kirsten, is that the boys have rigged the bunker to go Boom-boom bigtime! Told you it was gonna get loud out here, didn’t I?

Alright, here we are at the range, everybody. We got a grenade launcher, you have one, I have one, 40m grenades, there’s a bunker out there, right?

Kirsten: Yeah!

Gunny: I want you to put one right through the hole, ok?

Kirsten: Alright, I’ll see what I can do.

Gunny: And because of the gentleman that I am, I’m gonna let you go first, ok?

Kirsten: Thank you, Gunny. See what we can do…

Gunny: Oh! Right over the top!

Kirsten: Let’s walk it in!

Gunny: Ok, I’ll take my turn. Ready?

Kirsten: Yeah.

Gunny: Oh!

Kirsten: Close!

Gunny: Just missed it!

Kirsten: Alight, my turn!

Gunny: You go for it!

Kirsten: Just over it.

Gunny: Ok, I’ll go. Here we go!

Kirsten: Woo!


Gunny: Wow, check that out!

Kirsten: That is awesome, lookit that!

Gunny: That was a great job, wasn’t it?

Kirsten: Nice job!

Gunny: Now that’s what I call well-done! Thanks for comin’, thanks for bringin’ ’em, and thank you for bein’ here darlin’, you’re a breath of fresh air, a flower amongst thorns as I say. And we always appreciate you being here.

Kirsten: I’m always glad being here, Gunny.

Gunny: I can’t wait ’till next time.

Kirsten: Absolutely.

Gunny: Right now, Adios amigo.

Kirsten: Adios.

Gunny: Let’s let someone else clean this mess up, ok?

Kirsten: Yeah.

Gunny: After another day at the office, I can certainly say that’s another job well-done! But when THIS is your office, it hardly feels like work at all. No wonder everyone we have out here is so damn good at their jobs! Tune in next time, we’ll be here putting in the work so you can enjoy the fun.

Sources: Kirsten Joy Weiss Youtube, Colton Bailey, The Gunny

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