Can you Cook Bacon on the Barrel of an AK47?

There are more than one way to cook bacon than in a skillet. Which brings us to many unique people that are gun hobbyist that likes to combine food and guns.

Check out MattV2099: Guns & Food channel where they combine food with guns in different ways. This time, the AK-47 serves as the cooker of fresh Bacon.

  1. Recipe begins with the bacon wrapped around the gun’s barrel and carefully fixating it in place so that it won’t move.
  2. The next step is to load several 7.62 magazines and be ready to take the recoil of bursts of it.

The bullets and the hot barrel will get hot enough to get the process of caramelizing going, and have bacon ready for lunch. What do you think?, Is it possible?

Sources: Amazing Pal, MattV2099

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