Awesome Belt-Fed Ar-15

While shooting a belt-fed M60 machine gun in one hand like Rambo is a thing of the past. Nowadays with all these customizations that you can build on an AR platform, you can now “go Rambo” with this belt-fed AR15 from Fightlite.

The MCR-100 (Mission Configurable Rifle) by Fightlite is an American-made product that can either be magazine fed or use M27 linked ammunition. Check out the video, then we’ll talk about stats.

According to Fightlite, the MCR-100 is, “Specifically designed for responsible armed citizens, law enforcement and professional security personnel who demand real-world MCR® performance and capability.”

Some of the standard features include, but aren’t limited to, short stroke gas-piston operation, a 16.25” quick-change (3 seconds) barrel system and a 6-position telescoping stock.

Sources: Military Arms Channel, Daniel Leathers

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