New Features of the Glock Gen 5S

Here’s a closer look at the new Glock Gen 5s and new features.

  1. Durable finish
  2. Marksman Barrel – Enhancing the shot to shot group, placement and accuracy
  3. No Finger Grooves on grip – more ergonomics, controlling recoil
  4. Flared Magwell – for easier, faster mag reload
  5. Ambidextrous Slide Stop – accessible to left handed shooter

The next generation of Glocks, the Gen 5s, have been rumored for some time now and we’re finally getting some good looks at these new handguns. Not surprising the first Gen 5s are the ever-popular 9mm G 17 and G19.

Glock put out this compilation of a bunch of videos they made that showcase each of the new features they’re putting into these handguns.

There are definitely some interesting new features on these pistols. Of course it’s hard to judge a gun without handling it or firing it first. It will be interesting to see how these stack up against the still extremely popular Gen 4 and Gen 3s.

The newer and stronger finish sounds interesting however, time will tell to see how long the wear and tear starts to take effect for the seasoned everyday carrier.

Sources: Glock, Travis Smola

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