AR15 Reload: A Divine Explanation

Came across this video out on Facebook from Thunder Ranch a while ago on how to reload and use the bolt release.
The explanation is very simple, Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch explains the relationship between God & Eugene Stoner.

While most of us know how to reload an AR-15, there is a bit of a polarized perspectives on how to push the bolt release.
There are some groups saying that you could lose fine motor skills.
Some believe you will while others say it is a myth and training overcomes that myth.

Clint is on a totally different level believes that God & Eugene designed your body perfectly as well as the AR-15 respectively.
Eugene Stoner is one of the great firearm designers right along with Browning and Kalashnikov.
Clint has a simple and easy way of remembering how to orient your hand when reloading an AR-15: “Point your thumb at Jesus.” Clint goes on to explain that “God designed your hand as a cup. Not a beat on the side of the gun device.”
He then solidifies the point home with “Quit f*cking with God & Eugene.”

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This is the most simplified way to explain this and gets ingrained into your muscle-memory.
Do you push the bolt release with your thumb or do you slap the side of your rifle?

Sources: Nicholas C TFB