A Holy Cow Moment

See what happens to this highly trained anti-tank team and their reaction

Military anti-tank teams train for thousands of hours on prepping, locating concealed areas, avenues of approach and deploying and launching their weapons. But, once in a while a team may experience that holy sh!t moment, like this team.

This French Canadian team is sporting a Javelin anti-tank gun. The team was in the process of getting their rocket/missile launched when a holy sh!t moment took them by surprise — The shot was a dud! It launched and landed just a few feet away from the team. With seconds to think and react, this team conducts a text book — Military Field Manual — answer to the situation.

FM-23 Tripod-Mounted TOW/TOW2 2-5 Malfunctions

Dud – A dud is any missile that has been launched (fired from the launch tube) but failed to fly to the target or failed to detonate on target impact. The warhead of all duds must be considered to be armed, and therefore, extremely dangerous. The location of all duds will be noted and referred to EOD personnel for disposal.

I think things went well for them as this video is proof that it uploaded on Youtube, thank god they’re safe.

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Source: Youtube

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