950 JDJ Bullet

Think you can Handle the Big Kick from the Largest Caliber in the World?

Do you like shooting big cartridges that has a huge kick? Probably one of the biggest cartridge in the world is the .950 JDJ.

It is .95 inches in diameter, and weighs a stout 3600 grains (8 ounces, half a pound) and uses 240 grains of powder to push this bullet at 2,100 fps. The bullet costs $40 a piece. (ouch!) The guys from “Knight Rifles” had a chance to take this out to the range to shoot one.
This bullet generates 38,685 lbs/ft of energy. It also generates a recoil impulse of 200 lbs/ft, or about 13 times the recoil energy of a .308 Winchester.
The bolt-action rifle that shoots it was made from SSK Industries. This rifle that the guys from “Knight Rifles” are using weighs 50 pounds without the round. There are other versions that weighs a whopping 110 pounds.
This is not your normal rifle that you’d want to lug around to hunt with, but if you want to be macho man. Its all yours.
With that big kick, it looks scary but it sure looks like it would be fun to try. The rifle costs anywhere from $15,000.00 to $25,000.00.

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