How long does it take for a .50 Cal Bullet to Come down?

Have you ever wondered how long it takes for a .50 caliber bullet to go up and come back down?
The quick answer for the need it now people is:

  • Approximately 1:50 minutes

Obviously, you’d probably not want to do this because its a gun safety issue, too many possibilities involved.
Most gun authorities frown upon this gesture with any guns or bows.
But the thing is many gun enthusiasts have that curiosity to know, how long does it take for a .50 caliber bullet to come down.
Youtuber Edwin Sarkissian takes aim (no pun intended) at this question with a .50 caliber incendiary round.

After the shot was fired it took about 1:50 minute before you hear the bullet spinning down like a helicopter. This is after several attempts to confirm the sound. Though they stated on the first attempt there was a small explosion made upon impact. You’ll have to re-watch the video at 2:17.
Here’s a math thing for you numbers folks out there.
This will give you an idea of how high this .50 cal bullet went.
Max Range is 6800 meters convert this into feet is 22,309 thousands feet.
Though the experiment was not scientific, it was worth watching for a gee whiz moment, especially the helicopter sound of the bullet coming back to earth.

Who knows maybe its big brother drones nearby.
Again, be Safe!