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I just want my customers to be happy, and come back again and again years later for more work, THAT is the core of my working principals. – TJ Custom Gun Works

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Precision Rifle Series Competition is a competitive long range shooting that derives from Practical Shooting, usually consists of several courses of fire.

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With mentors lacking, duck- and goose-hunting newbies are turning to video-posting educator-entertainers, but are there limitations to what you can learn?

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It is ironic that a country built on a tradition of rifle marksmanship took nearly 200 years to formally embrace the Sniper.

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The shotgun has the initials A.H. engraved on its side. After the Nazis surrendered, the gun was taken from Hitler’s Bavarian retreat, known as the Berghof.

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The Mauser 98K fulfilled its purpose during WWII, respected by gun enthusiasts around the world has served as a stable platform for the modern rifles.

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Desperate times calls for desperate measures, when its the final option. High risk commandos and warriors were conceived with best laid plans to execute.

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