October 1st, 2015 by AmSJ Staff

[su_heading size=”30″ margin=”0″]Ladies Body Band Holster[/su_heading]

By Deep Conceal

Available at BuyHolster.com

Deep Conceal Lotus for Ladies Body Band Holster

The LOTUS Holster by Deep Conceal. Available at Buyholster.com

Our friends at Deep Conceal enjoyed much success with their double strap body band style under the shirt concealment holster. But let’s face it, the gals are just built a bit differently than the gents! So, Deep Conceal has custom fit their new Lotus holster just for the ladies, and like other Deep Conceal body-band holsters, the Lotus is rugged but lightweight, sturdy enough to carry even large-frame firearms and a great alternative over traditional shoulder holsters.

The NEW Lotus for Ladies concealed carry holster harness w/holster is designed especially for women. For the modesty of the model, it is being shown worn over the shirt but it is made to be worn next to the skin. The cut of the harness contours to a woman’s shape. It has smaller, 1-inch webbing, adjustable front and back slides and a 3-inch elastic insert in the back to create a smooth and comfortable fit. The holster pocket is sewn on with a moisture-wicking material between the fabric layers to prevent perspiration issues. There is also a single magazine pocket sewn into the opposite side. Measurement for the Lotus is based on your bra band size not the cup size.

This Lotus holster allows you to carry most large-frame pistols comfortably under one arm, and because the holster is at chest level, you can just as easily access your firearm whether you are sitting or standing.


• Available in white or black

• Available in either right- or left-hand fit

• Soft shoulder holster with reinforced fitted back panel

• Two holster sizes – small (3.5 to 5.5 inches overall gun length) and medium (4 to 7 inches overall gun length)

• Includes single mag pouch pocket

• Incredible Comfort

• Complete Concealment

• Adjustable

• Made in the USA

• Free shipping for a limited time (due to high demand, delivery time can take up to six or seven weeks).

• This is a crossdraw holster design so for right-handed shooters, the holster is situated on the left side of the body, for left-handed shooters it’s on the right.

Check out this and other great products at buyholster.com.

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October 1st, 2015 by AmSJ Staff

[su_heading size=”30″ margin=”0″] Active Pro Gear’s Model 65 Gun-Pouch Holster[/su_heading]

Available at Buyholster.com

The whole idea about concealed carry is that nobody knows you’ve got a gun, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be concealed in plain sight! If you have the Active Pro Gear – Model 65 Gun Pouch, you can use it like a belt holster or a handy gun pouch to However you want to use it, your gun is concealed and secure.

Active Pro                       Gear Model 65 Gun Pouch Nylon Belt Holster• Disguises the shape of the gun so it looks like a regular wallet, but offers instant access.

• Lets you casually access the gun without attracting attention

• Keeps gun clean

• Snap attached flap keeps gun secure inside holster

• Comes with a belt loop

• Free shipping within the United States

• Made of waterproof foam to protect gun from moisture. Lined on both sides with heavy-duty, Cordura nylon for durability and a smooth, fast draw. Double stitched throughout and bar-tacked at all stress points.

• Made in USA

• Color: Black
The Active Pro Gear Model 65 Gun Pouch is available in 4 sizes and for right or left hand.

Small 4″x5-3/4″x1″ Fits small semi-autos up to 5.25” overall length: Beretta Tomcat, Model 20, 21A, 950, Colt Mustang/Pony, Kahr P380, Kel-Tec P-32 and P-3AT, NAA Guardian, Ruger LCP, Seecamp .32, S&W Bodyguard 380, Taurus PT22, Walther TPH.

Medium 5″x6-1/2″x1″  Fits Subcompact autos/revolvers up to 6.25” overall length: J-Frame revolvers with 2” Barrels, Beretta Px4 Storm SubCompact, Bersa Thunder 380CC, Colt Pocket Nine, Kahr PM, MK, K, and P series, CW9, Kel-Tec P-11 and PF-9, Sig P238, P290.

Large 5-3/4″x7-1/2″x1″  Fits Compact autos/revolvers up to 7.5” overall length: Beretta Model 84, Px4 Storm Compact, Bersa Thunder 380, Colt Defender, New Agent, GLOCK 19, 23, 26, 27, 29, 30, 33, 36, 39, HK P2000, USP Compact, Kahr T and TP series, CW40, CW45, Ruger LCR, SR9c, Sig P220c, P229, P232, P239, P250c & P250 Subcompact, S&W M&P Compacts, Springfield XD Subcompact & Compact, Taurus 24/7 Pro, Millennium Pro, Walther PPS.

Extra Large 6″x9″x1″  Fits Large semi-autos up to 8.5” overall length: Beretta Model 92s, Px4 Storm full size, Colt & Clones 1911 Government Models and Commanders, GLOCK 17, 20, 21, 22, 31, 37, HK USP full size, Ruger SR9, SR40, Sig P220, P226, P250 full size, S&W M&P full size, Springfield XD full size.
Visit us online for this and other great gear Buyholster.com

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April 20th, 2015 by AmSJ Staff

Bravo Ohio!!!

It turns out that Ohio is not only pro the 2nd amendment, they back it up with laws we could only hope would be followed by all other states.

Female concealed CarryIn short, the law states that anyone who possesses a concealed-carry permit, from any other state is welcome to visit Ohio and carry concealed.

The Ohio General Assembly Archives the official law states:

“Provides that if a person who is not an Ohio resident and has a valid concealed handgun license from another state, regardless of whether the other state has entered into a reciprocity agreement with the Attorney General, and the person is temporarily in Ohio, that out-of-state license will be recognized in Ohio during the time that the person is temporarily in Ohio (R.C. 109.69(B)(3)).”

Bravo Ohio! ASJ



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March 20th, 2015 by AmSJ Staff


SMYRNA, Ga – (Mar. 20, 2015) – Today GLOCK, Inc. announced the release of the new GLOCK single stack slimline 9mm pistol, the GLOCK 43. The G43 is the most highly desired and anticipated pistol release in GLOCKs history. Designed to be the answer to everyday concealed carry needs, the G43 is ultra-concealable, accurate, and comfortable for all shooters, regardless of hand size.

“The G43 is the most exciting product release to date because it addresses a variety of issues that many shooters face with pistols in the concealed carry category,” stated GLOCK, Inc., VP Josh Dorsey. “It will be the pistol of choice for law enforcement and civilians. The G43 sets a new standard for concealed carry pistols.”

A true slimline pistol, the frame width of the G43 is just over one inch and the slide width measures only 0.87 inch. The overall length is 6.26 inches. For those who have smaller hands, the trigger distance is only 2.6 inches, making it ideal for functionality.

The single stack magazine holds 6 rounds and is the perfect concealed carry pistol for both duty and civilian use. The G43 is engineered to the same superior standards as all GLOCK pistols and the reliability instills confidence for all lifestyles.

The G43 will debut at the NRA Annual Meeting, April 10-12, 2015, in Nashville, Tenn., at the GLOCK booth (#633). Shipments of the product will begin directly following the convention.
The GLOCK Group is a leading global manufacturer of pistols and accessories. GLOCK’s superior engineering has produced a pistol with only 34 parts and a rugged polymer-frame, providing industry-leading reliability shot after shot. GLOCK is renowned for its pistols which are safe, featuring three safeties; simple, offering a low number of components to provide reliability; and fast, with no encumbering parts to slow the speed to fire. This combination makes GLOCK pistols the first choice among consumers and law enforcement, with approximately 65 percent of agencies within the United States choosing to carry GLOCK. Austrian-engineered, the group has manufacturing facilities in the United States and Austria. Based in Smyrna, Ga., GLOCK, Inc. is an advocate for our nation’s law enforcement and military personnel, as well as all citizens’ Second Amendment right to bear arms. For more information, please visit http://us.glock.com

G43 Left

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March 13th, 2015 by jhines

Doug Marcaida is one of the world’s elite knife fighters – he is also a military contractor helping elite units navigate through complex CQB tactics relating to weapons of opportunity. In this video, he takes us through part of his collection of unique concealed weapons.

Many of these concealed weapons were gathered by Doug as the travels across the globe training and cross training with elite fighting units and old masters of the art.

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