You call this Tactical Training?

[su_heading size=”30″]You’ll die from Laughing when you see Tactical Training meets Martial Arts[/su_heading]

We come across all forms of tactical training caught on video. Some are very good and it shows the high level of competency. Then, theres other that are just downright dangerously stupid. This video shows one “tactical shooting style” that is not only dangerous but comical.

What exactly are we even witnessing in this “tactical training” video anyway?

This family is laying down some crazy comical moves in the name of tactical defense shooting.

It’s hard to follow what they’re trying to do like rolling over here, shooting over each others heads and passed one another this is not the group to shoot with. Luckily they are using blanks as far as we can tell…

We share videos such as this to show that just because someone think they can safely tactical shoot they may be very wrong. Or, maybe this family knows this and they’re just doing it for fun, let’s hope so.

Sources: DumbAss Martial Arts Facebook, Eric Nestor

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