Who has time for Doors?

[su_heading size=”30″]Keystone cops in action[/su_heading]

When the boys in blue have to catch a handfull of bad apples, why take the time to climb a fence when you could just bust through it?

In this video we see two cops taking the “straightforward method” of getting to the perp, busting through a helpless fence like the Kool-Aid Man with a schedule to keep. While you might be able to find fault with their destruction of presumably private property –and the construction of the fence– you can’t find any with their effectiveness!

Shout out to the perp who jumps the fence twice to get away from the newly-nicknamed “Juggernaut Cop”, too. I suspect that had less to get away from getting caught and more to do with not getting bowled over in the process!
Another shout-out to the bush in the lower-right-hand corner for catching another enthusiastic-entrance-making officer before he could hit the grass.

I’m sure the department paid for the damage done to the fence.

by Sam Morstan
Source: Jo Jo Spencer Facebook

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