What’s more fun than a .45 Cal 1911 auto pistol?

How about one that’s actually two pistols welded together? Hickok45 does some close range shooting with this double barrel 1911 pistol.

Hickok45 got another chance to make double holes with each shot using a double-barreled 1911 pistol.

The pistol is actually two pistols in one welded together. Named the 2011 Dueller Prismatic this double barrel beast fires two .45 ACP cartridges with each pull of the trigger. Two large holes appear side by side in targets with each single pull of the trigger. Now, that is pretty slick. Remember, a single full metal jacket .45 ACP slug weighs, on average 230, grains. Imagine the power of two simultaneous hits from this hard hitter.

Video Transcription
Hickok45 Here, giving you a little close-up of the Dueller Prismatic. Pretty cool, huh? You’ve seen it in action, and we thought maybe another look up-close with some long-range targets might be fun! [chuckling] And you know what I mean when I say ‘Loong range targets’, don’t you, when we’re doing a close-up video. Just in case you didn’t get enough gun-porn.

Now we have all sorta ‘a targets here! We wanted you to see the hits, okay? One more time, like right n- [SHOT] There! So you see what happens when you shoot this thing at about, whatever, three-four-five yards. Now if you hit a bottle of water… [POW] [chuckling] That’s what happens! But if I shoot that metal… [POW] that’s what you get. Let’s put a couple right above that. [POW] and a couple more [POW] [Chuckling and more shots] Artwork! You’ll notice they’re pretty consistent, but not totally. A little different pattern there. Now that’s the double-mag that comes with it. Pretty cool. Appreciate being able to get this at Bud’s. By now it’s probably back, and one of you probably has it! Actually, maybe one of you got it on eGunner. And you might be shooting it today! You might have shot this firearm the same day I’m shooting it. Wait a minute, that ain’t- Oh I forgot. That’s kinda one of the weird idiosyncrasies of it, like a regular 1911 you just pull back the slide and it’ll go forward, but on this one when it’s locked back, in the first time there you have to hit the lock lever, slide lock. Pretty neat! Now let’s kill this bottle. I don’t wanna get wet, it’s too cold today to get wet. [POW] Argh. [Chuckling] It’s still new so sometimes I gotta punch the slide to get it on in there. [POW] Need to get a better grip, probably, too. [more shots] That is one of the most interesting things about it, honestly, is just seein’ the holes that end up in whatever you’re shooting at. I think I have two more magazines, so let’s just shoot a couple more. I want to see some more holes. So you could use individual mags of course, it’s just that you do need two of them [blows it off] Dirt in my pocket. Alright. Oop, ok, gotta remember to release that. Alright. Might just work on these three and leave that guy for another day. Alright, let’s just shoot a little bit. One, two- [rapid shots] [laughter] Shot the stick down! Oh boy.

Dueller Prismatic. Pretty interesting piece of hardware. No doubt about it. You notice it is rather thick, right? So it is a little bit like holding a 2×4, but definitely an interesting firearm, no doubt about it. And I’m pleased to be able to try it out. Life is good.

Sources: Hickok45 Youtube, Eric Nestor

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