Remember this guy dodging Tannerite Shrapnel?

When shooting at Tannerite, great care must be taken. Or else bad things happen. Witness how a refrigerator door almost claimed the life of this Tannerite shooter.

This shooter almost gets hit by a refrigerator door that quickly turned into a piece of flying shrapnel. The only thing that he did right was to take cover behind a tree.

Shooting binary explosive mixtures such as Tannerite can be addictive. Bigger is always better right? Well that thought might just get you injured or even killed.

In this video shared by Avery Ball we see a shooter taking aim at an old refrigerator. It is packed with Tannerite. When the shot rings out the explosion comes at a huge cost. That refrigerator door is now a shrapnel missile that blasts through a small tree and almost hits the shooter. The only thing that saves this Tannerite shooter is the tree he hid behind for the shot.

In many places explosive mixtures like Tannerite are now illegal. If you are using these mixes be very careful to avoid ending up as a statistic both in the legal and in the gun fails world. Be Safe!


Sources: The Buzz, Avery Ball